Zion Team Riders Take No Prisoners In Local Events

This past contest season saw Zion riders not only cause major upsets by beating some of SA’s and the world’s best riders; but also put on a show like no other.

First up we had the West Coast Classic where we saw some big upsets in the Zion ranks with our two Junior riders, Tristan Roberts and Niklas Martin, not progressing through to the finals of their choice-division, Juniors. However, Tristan managed to get a tied 7th place with Zion SA Owner-Operator Jarret Johnson in the Pro Division. Not only did Tristan place well in the Pro division he also walked away with the “Best Move” award! Our pro rider, Stephen du Preez, placed one above Tristan in the pro division and walked away with joint 5th place.

Next up, was the Cape Classic. This event was definitely a highlight in terms of Zion rider success as our pro-rider Stephen, and Junior rider Tristan, both won their respective divisions! These two riders stylishly flipped their way to taking 1st place! Not only that, Niklas Martin also did well and placed 3rd in the Juniors division beating some of SA’s best on his way to doing so! A great result for Zion indeed!

Thereafter we saw the SABA tour take a slight break and the inaugural Tand Invitational come into the national and international limelight (link to FB page). This event went off in spectacular fashion and the final resulted in two Zion riders, international star Jared Houston and local wonderkid Tristan Roberts, fighting it out wave-for-wave. In the end the final saw Jared Houston scoring a 9.0 and a 7.73 and Tristan Roberts knocking him out of pole position with a 7.83 and a perfect 10!

Tristan then went straight to Plettenberg Bay to compete in the long-standing Wedge Classic where he was once again battling a Zion rider in the finals! Niklas Martin and Tristan Roberts fought it out at Nik’s home break but Tristan managed to find a few rampy right and left-handers to take the win away from Nik! Stephen DP narrowly missed out on the man-on-man final but came away with a respectable 3rd place!

We are so proud of all of our Zion riders and know that they will be dominating at the last event of the year, the West Beach Warefare. Good luck guys!

Stay tuned for more Zion updates!