Tristan Roberts, his new clip and a mystery lover!

So when we heard our golden boy was dropping a new clip we felt it fit to take a little drive out to his sleepy little town of Onrus and ask him a few questions about his views and his future in the world of bodyboarding.

We arrived in Onrus to a packed beach and some fun waves at Far Side. We knew Tristan loved being in the water but getting him out was no easy feat, especially when the waves were on. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, once we had him out sitting down, he couldn’t stop worrying about his mystery lover and her recent time spent in hospital…ah, young love.

However, after his cell battery ran dead he was all ears, Red Bull in hand and ready to be the professional he is.


Zion: Tristan, let’s get down to business…

TR: Whilst taking a bite of his big and juicy red pepper he responds casually, “Yes”.

Zion: You have always been a force to be reckoned with but it seems as if this year has been really good to you with a few wins and many finals on the local SABA tour. Not only in your division (Juniors) but also in the pro division. What’s your view on the current South African Bodyboarding Association tour?

TR: I personally think the SABA tour is in a good position at the moment and it seems as if it can just become better and better. We are seeing more competition in the water with more complex riding, pushing each guy and making each division winner fight for his title! I’m expecting the SABA tour to just get bigger and bigger over the years. I can’t wait.

Zion: Not only have you done well on the local SABA tour but you also won the only IBA sanctioned (the Tand Invitational) event in Africa?! At just 16 years old you made a huge upset this year by defeating the 2 x Tand Champion Jared Houston with a perfect 10 air reverse in the Tand Invitational final! Well done on that by the way! So, what are your views on the IBA World Tour and your future on it?

TR: The IBA is a circuit where I could say almost everyone has the same chance of winning, there’s no real standout in the circuit who just keeps dominating, it varies all the time. Guys are bringing new things to the table to come out on top like Jake Stone creating new moves. It’s real impressive and pushes us younger generation! I do believe the IBA isn’t getting the backing it should be but hopefully it happens soon! I’d really like to be up there with those guys fighting it out for that title one day and that’s what I’m striving for.

Zion: We think you will be there one day for sure! Back to South Africa though, give us your opinion on the SA market.

TR: South Africa’s market is definitely growing and new brands are finding their way in! I am lucky enough to be helped out by the best brands on the market! And yeah Zion Wetsuits have for sure been keeping me warm in these cold waters!!!

Zion: That’s what we like to hear! After browsing through your Facebook page, we not only see rumours of a relationship blooming but we see you can hold your own on a short board? How good are you on a stand up? And what’s the best wave to stand up?

TR: Stand up is something I do when the waves are really small and no, I’m not so great at it haha. Best wave for stand up would be this open face wave around the corner from my home break. It’s really slow and gives us rookies time to get up.

Zion: So we guess you won’t be taking your surf board with you on your travels then?

TR: Na…

Zion: They’re a bitch to travel with anyhow! While we are on travelling; Where do you want to go and where are you going?

TR: Well, I’m going to Portugal now for the IBA Sintra Pro, but unfortunately I still have two years left of school after this one, so I’m just taking it easy for now. I make a trip or two a year. Australia is a place I really want to visit and that’s in the pipe line!!

Zion: Do you think our very own ‘Weskus’ (West Coast, South Africa) can compete with the international well-known waves?

TR: ‘Weskus’ is amazing! I am actually going to say that there are some world-class waves up there! It varies from gnarly reef breaks to picture perfect beach breaks! I am still waiting for Henky to throw me on his bakkie!!

Zion: Too true, Weskus is amazing! Zion now has one of the best teams in the business, with the likes of Jase Finlay, Dave Winchester, Jared Houston, Chris James and many more. What do you think of Winny being on the Zion team now? Does it make you stoked and push you harder and do you think you can compare with them?

TR: Winny is a ripper and I’m stoked to be riding the same brand as him. I think one thing I have in common with them is that we do bodyboarding because we love it and we all want to be the best we can and that’s why we head out there each day. All of them are technical riders and that is a big factor in my bodyboarding life. So yes, being on this team definitely pushes me more and I think I can hold my own against them, but maybe not just yet against Chis James in the big salt haha.


And just like that, our interview came to an end with another wave going by unridden; Tristan was straight back out there. No goodbye’s, no shaking hands, all we were left with was the core of his red pepper while wandering who this mystery lover was?!?!