Ten things you didn’t know about Richard Kidd

Ok, 11! We at Zion Wetsuits are super stoked to have just signed the hottest grom around, 17 year old Richard Kidd! He’ll be wrapped in fresh Z rubber from now on.


We caught up with Rich to let you in on ten things you probably didn’t know about him.

Airs or bazzas? Definitely big pits!
Reef or beachie? Don’t really mind as long as the waves are cooking.
Lefts or rights? Rights, you know us natural footers.
Warm water or cold water? Cold water, because you don’t feel it if you in Zion rubber! (We didn’t make him say that, haha)
Comps or free surfs? I’m digging the contest vibe at the moment.
Car or plane? Flying is way better! Faster so you have more time to surf.
Local or missions? Missions to uncrowded pumping waves! That’s the stuff!
Moustache or beard? Movember is a month and a bit away so I have to start cheating now hahaha.
Blacky or castle light? Not a big drinker so water would do but if I had to choose I would choose a blacky, because castle light is for chicks!
CT or the 031? I dig the 031 but Cape Town has some madddd breaks!



All images by Ryan Janssens! Check out more of his work at http://ryanjanssens.com/.