How to Become a Champion with Stephen Du Preez!

So our Durban Zion rider, Stephen Du Preez, has just been crowned the 2014 SA Pro Champion! We couldn’t be more stoked!

Steven Winning

Do you want to be a champ? Well here is Stevegees 10 pointers on How to Become a Champion!

1. Chose to surf reefs over beach breaks. Because “Reefs are best!



2. Gym JUST for cardio! “Weights are for bodybuilders and rugby players!

3. When it comes to choosing lefts or rights, you should have “No preference“, and you should surf waves with variety! “we all know about cave rock! ”

4. Learn to ride a barrel! “Nothing like getting spat out of a barrel!


5. Surf warmer water. “Warm water, wetty shorts and a springy, [you] cannot go wrong!!


6. East vs. West? Yeah, we’re spolit for choice in SA but according to Steve, “KZN is world class!” But, he hasn’t “really experienced deep Weskus“.


7. Namibia VS. Mozambique. It was a silly question hey? “My 2nd home is Namibia!

8. Don’t be a heavy drinker! But if you do drink, drink beer. Carbs aren’t all that bad!

9. And if you drink beer, make it a Zamalek. “Zamalek is unbeatable for the afternoon braai!

10. Don’t party hard. Get up early and get pitted! “Early surf as the ocean is my dancefloor!



A MASSIVE congratulations to all the riders who competed in this year’s SA Champs and well done to Eastern Province for hosting what seems to have been one epic comp! And lastly, well done to Central KZN for taking home the Fishman trophy yet again!


Profile image by Slash Photography.